Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Beijing Computer Shopping Mall

Yesterday I visited the largest computer shopping mall in Beijing. The place is massive with ten floors of wall-to-wall computer booths. Lots of deals but I ended up not buying anything. The number of items that could be a fake is huge. As I was looking at all the products that claimed to being SanDisk or Kingston, I had no way to know if it were real or not. One of my friends purchased what he thought was a SanDisk only to find out when he sent ti to SanDisk for repair that it was a fake. He purchased it in this store. I guess the motto of the story is that one has to be extra careful when looking for a deal.



praVeen said...

The Gadget malls are Huge there, Got my Canon sd750 in one of them, Original stuff. btw whats up in Beijing Thane


Thane said...

I'm not so worried about cameras because they are more difficult to fake than a memory chip.