Saturday, May 03, 2008

Word Docs to the Web

Wired "How-to Wiki has a nice write-up on a problem that anyone managing web sites knows all too well: How to get a Word doc onto the web without all the extra junk save-to-html creates? I've spent countless hours over the years taking Word documents that others have sent to me and done my best to clean them up so that the resulting HTML documents follow Web standards.

For people using Dreamweaver -- my HTML editor of choice -- it has a clean Word feature that works pretty well. The How-to article explores a few simpler ideas, such as using Google Docs, and recommends a few ways to handle large numbers of Word documents. This last feature is something I knew about a few months back when I had to use a batch search-and-replace utility to clean up a few hundred HTML files created by Word. Talk about mind numbing!


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rjleaman said...

That is a good write-up - thanks for mentioning it. And I can vouch for the usefulness of one of the tools listed there, at least: Textism's Word HTML Cleaner has come in handy regularly for cleaning up blog posts that were written in MS Word, so they convert smoothly to web use without the annoying appearance of strange characters scattering throughout.