Friday, October 05, 2007

Puppy Linux

LifeHacker has a good review on the recently released new version of Puppy Linux. To be honest, I've not heard of this version. I'm a fan of small form factors of Linux for older computers. This version is also designed to run from a USB flash device.

Running from a flash device can be a good feature for students who need the same application at home -- a likely situation if you're using Linux in the school. This removes the issue of not having the required application at home.



TeacherJay said...

Thanks Thane - I LOVED PuppyLinux... it helped me do some diagnostics on a machine to figure out why Windows wouldn't let its NIC and some other hardware work - it was some viruses. I was able to boot off USB with this and clean it out. Of course, I could have done the same with Knoppix, or Ubuntu Live CD, but this was a small download and easy to work.

Thane said...

Thanks for your story. The other programs are viable alternative routes and there are a number of Linux-based utility boot disks that can fix problem -- but don't do much on the application side.