Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Project Management Software for free

Project management has been one of those applications where there has not been a lot of open source activity. Now there is OpenProj to take on Microsoft Project. The difference is that OpenProj is designed to take on the desktop version of MS Project. If you need a server based version, the same firm has a commercial version that runs in cooperation with a server. For most schools, the desktop version will be just fine. District offices and construction projects will need to spend some money.



TeacherJay said...

I have been using GanttProject and some day I should compare features between the three. I know that one advantage of MS Project is the ability to use Sharepoint and Project Server to do some real-time sharing when you have users in many sites and who may not all work for the same company. Basecamp can also do some things like that, but it doesn't make those snazzy Gantt charts.

Thane said...

Thanks. Good lead. I've posted on GanttProject.

I've used Basecamp. It's good for collecting information on a project but not for project management as in Gantt charts and the like.