Monday, February 05, 2007

MediaMax: Online Data Backup

MediaMax, formerly Streamload, is offering 25 gigs of free data storage. The features look great and the storage amount of 25 gigs is better than anything else I've seen. I've been using it for several weeks now and while it has come in handy, the software does not always work -- at least not in a way that I recognize as working. The application screen can get stuck in a mode that appears to be frozen, but the processor stats tell me that it's working like crazy. I cannot recommend using this system at this point in time but I'm going to activity follow this product so that when it becomes more solid and easier to understand, I'll be ready to use it.



Anonymous said...

Agreed. I just tried it and I had the same problem with the software, and it is less useful because it is not scriptable.

Also, the backup system creates discrete backups instead of synchronizing files, and while you can synchronize, you can't schedule it for backup purposes.

Conclusion: great idea, but the software isn't quite there.

Thane said...

I'm surprised how many basic items are missing from a number of online systems given that backup are anything but new.


Nicolas said...

Hi, i'm using Memopal ( and i don't have any problem with the backup that is automatic and real time. You can also find the different versions of the same file saved with an apposite search tool. It has also interesting sharing tools. To try.

Thane said...

Thanks for the suggestion. This area is still in flux. I'm starting to keep an eye on Amazon's S3 storage offerings. While using them directly is not easy, a number of third-party providers are starting to pop up.