Thursday, October 19, 2006


WebSnapr is a free web service will will create a graphical thumbnail of any web page you want. While this can be done via screen prints and other screen capture applications, it takes a little knowledge to get what you want. Often, for example, the browser bars/menus and even other areas of the desktop are captured. This system knows you just want the web page.

This system could be useful for building a simple web page for students too young to read. So, instead of writing "Scholastic web site," you have an image of the home page.



Sam Dernley said...

That seems a great tool- but is it possible to use a thumbnail image of other websites on your own blog or does it breech somekind of copyright?
I've wanted to include images of links to 'advertise' to students but I was a little worried about this. Any ideas? Thanks Sam

Thane said...


Good question. Technically, a browser violates copyright by the process of downloading images onto the local drive. While a design is a copyrighted feature, the use of it for your students to reach their site would surely remove their objections. Only if you blatantly copied their design would you have an issue, I think. Of course a lawyer would know best -- and I'm not one.

If someone else knows, please jump in.