Wednesday, September 13, 2006

RSS Reader Review

TechCrunch has a good review of RSS readers. While you don't have to have a reader to see this blog, a feed/RSS reader is helpful in that it checks for new content without you having to go anywhere. Checking ten, twenty, or more blogs is now easy to do because anything of interest comes to your computer via the RSS reader.

There is no lack of potential feed readers. It's a matter of personal preference which one is right for you. I use the web-based Google Reader because I use multiple computers and I want the list of articles I've not yet read to be the same on every computer I use.

I was using OnFolio , a software application, but I had to remember when I went home where I was in my reading. OnFolio, BTW, is a great tool for collecting information from the Internet. I had to give up using it because it did not like my Windows terminal server, but that problem may get fixed now that Microsoft has purchased the OnFolio company. You'll be seeing more of OnFolio.

There is no harm in testing out a few systems. It's pretty easy to transfer your RSS subscriptions between readers. Plus, most of them are free.


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