Thursday, August 24, 2006

ICT & Modern Foreign Languages: Using podcasts in the classroom

One of my visitors has a great blog on how to use podcasts for foreign language instruction. It also has great posts on podcasting in general. I especially like the description of how he got into podcasting. It's good information for anyone looking to do the same thing.

I also liked his observations on how to use a cell phone for school work. In NYC, the public schools ban cell phones. Needlessness to say, the parents are up in arms about that decision. Cell phones have become the only way for parents to know where their kids are between school's end and the time they get home.



Joe Dale said...
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Joe Dale said...

Hi Thane,

Thanks for the post. To listen to the podcast I made with my pupils a few months ago, go to the blog and click on the dew player on the left hand side. For more information about the dew player, go here:

If you fancy, you or your readers could leave a voicemail for me to put up on the blog. It's based on a potentially very useful service called which allows you to record a voice message by telephoning a specific number which can then be sent to your email address as a wav file.

I found out about the site from the excellent website subtitled ‘Technology Integration in the Foreign Language and English Language Learner Classroom’. The site includes lots of useful information such as tutorials, a blog and downloadable podcasts. The first podcast has examples of voicemails that the webmistress, Silvia Tolisano has been sent by language teachers from all over the States. She has then edited them together using Audacity and uploaded the finished file as an mp3 to her site. One particularly good idea offered by a teacher is a song about ĂȘtre verbs in the passĂ© compose. Worth a listen.

This service could be very useful for language teachers for the following reasons:

· exchanging ideas between colleagues
· linking with a partner school as part of an e-Twinning project
· setting speaking homework
· making podcasts
· creating a trip diary

Silvia has kindly left a voice message on my blog for you to have a listen.

The telephone number is 0012063506411. This is a Seattle number. I think it may be free from the States, but to telephone from the UK using British Telecom it costs 1.25p per minute according to their website Feel free to try out the service. My plan is to upload future voicemails as they come in.

Best wishes


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