Wednesday, July 05, 2006

SchoolMessenger --- Unified Messenging

Announcements, parental notifications, and school closing messages are all examples of where technology can help via automation. The problem has been that email lists don't reach people without computers and automated telephone systems are not effective for people without answering machines. SchooMessenger is a system that allows for all forms of communications to be used at the same time. So a text message might go out as email to some people and get turned to speech for distribution via the phone. Notification is not only a legal responsibility but it may be one of the primary determinants of how parents form their opinions of your school. You don't want to be second-class here.


SchoolMessenger --- Empowering educators with parent-notification solutions and services: "SchoolMessenger is the leading provider of parent notification solutions for education, giving a voice to student information in thousands of schools and districts."


Anonymous said...

I agree. SchoolMessenger is in my daughter's school and I'm so thankful to get all of the messages about what is going on at school.

Emma Jane Warwick said...

There are other phone/text messaging systems available on the market for significantly less cost than SchoolMessenger. OneCallNow is one of these. You can go to their homepage and read all about their services. OneCallNow also offers a free trial: Check it out!