Friday, June 09, 2006

Podcasting with the iPod

Podcasting is a great solution for the school that wants to have a school radio station but does not want the expense and limited range of broadcast times and low signal power.

The podcast metaphor is a great one for a school because the school only needs to have enough content to meet demand. The content is there when the user is ready to listen. No need to schedule air time or explain that last week's basketball game is done and over with. Range is only limited by access to the Internet.

One the most important aspects for recording a podcast is the recording system. Traditionally, iPod players have not been very good for recording. With the addition of an accessory, such as the one here, the iPod now becomes an effective recorder. Because the audio file is already in digital format, there is not digitization of audio tape. A big time savings. Given that iPods are easy to find, the school may need only to purchase an accessory -- thus saving the school the expense of buying a recording device of its own.

XtremeMac iPod Audio Accessories: MicroMemo for iPod with video

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