Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Landmarks for School

As a school technologist -- or even a full-time teacher -- it is often easier to operate the computer than it is to know what to do with it in terms of advancing the students' understanding of the subject materials. The Landmark Project is one of the better sites for finding resources for applying the Internet to k-12 subjects.


Landmarks for School -- Home: "What to do with your Internet connection..."


Anonymous said...

I loved this website. The suggestions that it gives for how to connect the website connect to curriculum is a perfect way to introduce teachers to the resources of the Internet. Sharing this site with my faculty will be so helpful for this next school year, when every teacher is going to be required to start implementing technology into their classroom discussion.

Thane said...

Thanks! Let me know if you find other good sites. This is one area where there is a lack of good information.