Friday, May 05, 2006

klik - Linux Installation Packages

One of the problems with a computer lab computer is that it gets so full of programs that it collapses. While the normal computer may have a dozen or so programs, a computer lab computer may have dozens of programs. Add to this number all the programs that have been installed and supposedly uninstalled, and the computer is going to have serious problems. When a program installs it deposits files all over the disk. Even when the program is uninstalled, there may be parts of that program that still exist. In Windows, the problem is primarily with the registry. In Linux, the problem is more with incompatible libraries (i.e. one program replaces a required library with one that it needs but cannot be used by another program).

The Klik system wraps up a Linux-based application so that it can be installed without interacting with the operating system. This means you can run dozens of programs without concern as to what it might do to the operating system or to other programs. It also allows you to run programs to run directly from a CD-ROM because there is no need for installation. The Klik system has many advantages and should seriously be considered by any computer lab teacher who wants to use a number of Linux-based applications.


klik - Linux Software Download

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