Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Webaroo - Off-line Web Viewing

Here is an interesting product that is designed for the road warrior, but could be very useful in the educational environment. They package up big chunks of the Internet for download. This allows users to surf the web without actually being on the Internet. This could useful for classrooms where there is not connection to the Internet. The access speed will clearly be faster coming off a hard drive than off the Internet. Plus, the content is probably going to be fairly clean of offensive sites. Of course, you may want to check on this fact given that these canned versions of the Internet will not be subject to your school's Internet filtering system.

While the file size to be downloaded is quite large, you only have to do it one time. You can then copy that image to as many computers are you want to use.


Webaroo - Webaroo Home: "Off-line viewing of web sites."

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