Friday, April 14, 2006

Sun Ray 2 Virtual Display Client

Virtual terminals are great solutions in a number of educational situations. Their small size and silent operation makes them very well suited for many special situations. They also have the advantage of being very difficult to tamper with and not very attractive as a device worth stealing.

Some rooms have horrible electrical service and may not be able to support a few dozen PCs. Some work spaces may be so limited that there is simply not enough room for a normal sized PC.

Of course, these terminal require a server of some type to function -- i.e. the reason they are not very attractive to thieves. Windows terminal server is one solution but there are Linux-based educationally-oriented servers. Take a look at my posting on LTSP. If power and space is not an issue, a regular PC may still be best given that the cost is not that much greater and it gives you the flexibility to keep operating when your server is unavailable.


Sun Ray 2 Virtual Display Client: "Sun Ray 2 Virtual Display Client Overview"

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