Friday, April 28, 2006

Sony eBook Device

eBooks may be the next big technological revolution in the school. The publishing firms screwed up the first time they introduced eBook devices by making them replacements for hardback fiction novels. The idea that textbooks might be the perfect market apparently did not occur to them. The new eBook devices, such as Sony's new device, are easier to read and use less energy. I think these units would be particularly good for the university and high school markets. They probably would not withstand the handling by younger children.

The holy grail for eBook devices is some plastic sheet form. Digital ink works well in a standard hard-shell form factor, but it should not be too long before devices can be rolled up and stuck into a coat pocket. The intelligence for the unit would be in some chip located in one corner of the plastic sheet or perhaps it would be a kind of binder. Hold on to your hats when this takes place.

SonyStyle USA - PRS-500

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