Saturday, April 08, 2006

Scroogle Scraper

Scroogle Scraper:

"This is an interesting search engine that provides the Google search without having all of your search information recorded. This site acts as a proxy server between you and Google. The value you get is that your identity is not recorded by Google because Google sees the request coming in from Scroogle. As an educator, one of the aspects I noticed was that it does not offer images. Even with Google's safe filter on, searches for terms such as "Britney Spears" will offer images that children should not be exposed to. Images are less easy to avoid now that many terms produce a listing at the top of the page that offers to show images. Another nice item: no advertisements. The main downside I saw was that there is not ability to turn on the safe search. Type in "sex" and you'll get all the rubbish of the Internet."


Anonymous said...

And how do you know that Scroogle Scraper itself does not record your searches?

How do I know whether Scroogle Scraper is what it claims it is?

Just some food for thought...

A Random Not-Really-Anonymous Reader

Thane said...

Well, that's a good point. Of course, we know for a fact that Google has stored every search since the days at Stanford. Generally, firms that make such claims tend to be checked out by hackers, but it is of course possible.

One of the reasons I think this site is interesting is because it removes potentially offensive images from students. That is something that can be checked.

Thanks for the comment!


Anonymous said...
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YumYum said...

How about a Scroogle-Scraper scraper, so Scroogle can't record your searches.


I might use it...