Wednesday, August 06, 2008

FlyPaper turns Power Points into Flash Videos

Power Point presentations are key tools in the instructor's tool kit. But, as multimedia becomes more the norm, the inability to produce a video from the Power Point has been a short-coming.

Flypaper is a product that allows for Power Points to be converted into Flash video files. For one, this allows for presentations to be placed on YouTube. Currently, to put up a Power Point on YouTube one would have to turn Power Point into a series of images, pull them into Movie Maker, and then create a video. Flypaper looks like a very good solution for obtaining a superior result in far less time.

Let's face it, Power Points have been abused so frequently that having a bit of an edge is something worth having.



Wilma said...

This is interesting. VADLO comes to mind, it is a powerpoint search engine. There are good research cartoons also.

Thane said...

Interesting resource site. Thanks!