Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Croquet: Building Virtual Worlds

Yesterday we explored Squeak. Croquet is a new system built using Squeak. To say it is mind-blowing would be an understatement. It allows for communication and interaction that few other systems come close to providing. The creators of Croquet had as a mission the goal of creating a truly modern operating system. They would see all the current operating systems has improvements on old models. Croquet is based on the idea that interaction and collaboration are the two new realities around which an operation system should be designed.

Here is what they have to say:

In its simplest form, Croquet is a complete development and delivery platform that enables people to carry out highly collaborative work. It is a highly scalable architecture that can be used to develop powerful simulations, and multi-user online spaces. Through Croquet-derived 3D environments, users can enjoy shared telepresence, shared authorship of complex spaces and their contents, and shared access to a wide range of network-deliverable information resources.
Better yet, visit the Croquet web site.


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