Monday, July 24, 2006

Should you use Wikipedia?

Some schools view Wikipedia quite dimly. Some schools even believe use of content from Wikipedia is plagiarism. The article listed below explores the accuracy of Wikipedia as compared to the encyclopedia Britannica. Wikipedia does a pretty good job. I see no reason content should be considered plagiarism if properly referenced. Because quoting Internet sources is not often taught you may need to tell your students how they should describe their Internet listings. As far as accuracy, I find that anything that is not emotionally laden is generally pretty safe. The problems with Wikipedia are often in topic areas where groups with differing views of the facts -- such as evolution -- are involved.


news @ - Internet encyclopaedias go head to head - Jimmy Wales' Wikipedia comes close to: "Read the latest science news stories, extended features and analysis, acclaimed columnists, plus blogs and multimedia specials - all brought to you by our award-winning team of science journalists."

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