Friday, June 23, 2006

Getting around email limitations

People who deal with large files frequently have problems with sharing their files with others. Email as become the information conduit of choice, but many systems -- even Google's Gmail -- have file attachment limits. While Gmail may have virtually unlimited storage for your email messages, one must get those messages into the system ten megs at a time. Many school email systems are even stricter. The alternatives frequently boil down to express mailing a CD-ROM or creating a new FTP account. Both alternatives have issues. Express is expensive and relatively slow. FTP requires a fairly high level of technical knowledge and assurance that firewalls are not blocking its use.

What Pando does is to create something like an automated FTP system. The user sends and email attachment that links to a Pando server with the large file. Email limits are never in question because the large file is never attached to the email. The difficulty of FTP is removed by the Pando system. If large file attachments are an issue for you, take a look at this system. It's currently free of charge.


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