Thursday, May 25, 2006

WiFi and Bluetooth Finder

Just because you installed a wireless network doesn't mean you know how others might have extended your efforts. Corporations can purchase very expensive systems that will look for rogue access points and sources of interference. The low-end units a school is able to afford may be able to negotiate broadcast frequencies with a nearby access point, but without a centralized control unit -- read expensive control unit -- an access point does not know what is supposed to be part of your network and what isn't.

This handy little device can let you know when it finds a wireless signal. It's up to you to know that the signal is expected or not, but at least you have a fighting chance to find an unauthorized access point or to identify an ad hoc Bluetooth network. Sometimes, a device may have some form of wireless turned on and you don't even know that capability is in the device. This finder will find the unexpected network before the local hacker does. Even if you're not concerned with hackers, any extra broadcast into the crowded wireless environment is something you don't want.


LINDY WiFi and Bluetooth Finder - Gizmodo: "WiFi and Bluetooth finder."

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