Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Off-site Backup Devices

When disaster strikes, even your normal backup systems may be destroyed. Thief, fire, water damage, lighting, and a host of other causes can destroy your data and any backups you may have. That is why an off-site backup media is essential.

The traditional method is the backup tape. The problem is that there are many types of tape and tape drives. So, if your school has a fire and the tape device is destroyed, getting another device may not be easy. The device shown here is a USB hard drive. Just plug it in and it works anywhere. What I like about this particular device is that is "shock proof." While dropping it on the floor might not be a great idea, there should be no problem tossing it into a briefcase or purse.


PX-SP08U Product Page: "Plextor America: The leader in reliable CD, DVD and digital video solutions"

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